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Campervan Trips to See the Best Fall Foliage

Our top destinations for great autumn views.

Oct 04, 2021 | Travel

There is nothing quite like the crisp air of fall, the golden hues and bright reds of changing leaves, and the festive atmosphere of pumpkin patches and freshly pressed cider. With the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, it is the perfect excuse to grab a bag, hop into your campervan, and head out to take in the fall sights and sounds.

And, if you are looking for a trip that will take you to see the best fall foliage, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top four must-see autumn wonderlands.

The Upper Peninsula - Michigan

Upper peninsula of Michigan during fall

Located in the northernmost portion of the state of Michigan is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This peninsula is surrounded by the Great Lakes and is home to an abundance of heavily wooded forests, making it a great pick for fall foliage. In fact, talk to any Yooper (a UP local), and you’ll hear all about the “leafers” — those who journey through the peninsula when the fall weather hits to take in the incredible beauty of the area’s foliage.

With the vast expanse of the UP, add some of these must-see locations to your list while traversing across the area:

  • Mackinac Island — Park in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace to grab a ferry to this vehicle-free island. Here, you’ll be greeted by horse-drawn carriages, an array of quaint shops and restaurants, and, of course, the beauty of the fall leaves. Hike along the island’s exterior highway — the only highway in Michigan that doesn’t allow motor vehicles — and take in some of the well-known sights.
  • Tahquamenon Falls State Park — The largest waterfall in Michigan, this state park is a true fall gem. Hike to the falls for a breathtaking view of both the rushing of the water as well as the stunning array of fall colors.
  • Pictured Rocks — A beautiful place to visit no matter the time of year, Pictured Rocks offers you the best of all things nature. Enjoy the stunning rock formations, the Caribbean blue waters of Lake Superior, all against the backdrop of colorful autumn leaves.

And, while you are traveling around the UP, make sure you stop into a local shop for a Pasty — a pastry stuffed with carrots, rutabaga, meats, and potatoes.

Rocky Mountain National Park - Estes Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park during fall

While the northeast may boast an array of foliage colors, Colorado is home to one of the most incredible autumn experiences — the changing of the aspen leaves. Seemingly overnight these beautiful trees shift from their shimmering green to a breathtaking bright blend of golden and orange hues.

While there are many places across the state to enjoy the fall colors, Rocky Mountain National Park provides autumn lovers with the ideal spot for seeing massive swaths of these golden leaves quaking in the winds. With the incredible mountainous peaks of this national park, you’ll enjoy the stunning contrast of the Rocky Mountains' dark hues and the aspens' bright gold colors.

Set up camp in Estes Park and enjoy the array of restaurants, shops, and breweries the town has to offer.

Ski Santa Fe - Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe during fall

Deep in the heart of the Southwest sits the oldest capital city in the United States, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded in 1607, this colorful town is the perfect place to begin your autumn journey. From here, point your campervan northeast on highway 475 and head to Ski Santa Fe.

While the ski slopes might seem like an odd choice for an autumn adventure, this area is home to groves and groves of aspen trees, which make their colorful change in late September through mid-October.

Not only is the drive to the ski resort breathtaking in its own right, but once you arrive at the ski hill, fall time activities include access to a ski lift for optimal fall color viewing, disc golf, and the chance to enjoy a brew at the resort’s beer garden and grill. Nearby camping options make it easy to relax for an entire weekend among the stunning New Mexico landscape.

Not only that, but fall time is when New Mexico begins its annual green chili roasts. Visit almost any grocery store or farmers market and you’ll be greeted with the unique experience of watching green chilis tossed around a metal bin as they are carefully roasted to perfection. Grab a bag of freshly roasted chilis or sample a local restaurant’s green chili specialties during this special fall roast.

Cumberland Falls State Resort - Corbin, KY

Lake Cumberland during fall

If fall time has you dreaming of an incredible array of fall colors, spanning from the deepest of reds to the boldest of orange hues, then Kentucky is the place for you. Located in the southern portion of the state near Corbin is Cumberland Falls State Resort where you’ll find foliage bursting into the most incredible of colors.

Placed against this autumn backdrop is the thundering Cumberland Falls, where gushing water cascades 60 feet into a rocky gorge.

Camping, fishing, birding, gem mining, hiking, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities this park offers.

Additionally, Cumberland Falls is one of the only places in the world that produces what is called a moonbow. This lunar rainbow appears for two days on either end of the full moon, weather permitting. Schedule your fall trip around the September or October dates of this unusual phenomenon.

Explore the Fall Foliage in an Antero Adventure Van

There is nothing quite like witnessing the breathtaking colors of fall as nature transitions from the warmth of summer days to the upcoming cold of winter. Make your next fall trip a memorable adventure with the Pikes Peak or Longs Peak campervan.

These vans allow you to explore the road less traveled, witnessing all the best that nature has to offer without feeling like you’ve left the comforts of home. Find a dealer near you today and let the adventures begin.

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