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Introducing Pikes Peak — Your Ultimate Adventure Van

Meet the 2021 Pikes Peak, the latest adventure van from Antero Adventure Motors.

May 05, 2021 | Company

Antero Adventure Motors is excited to introduce our latest Class B RV — the 2021 Pikes Peak model.

The Pikes Peak is a camper van built for the ambitious traveler, the constant explorer, and the adventurer who is always searching for a new road to discover.

Built on a Ford Transit chassis, the Pikes Peak can take you anywhere you want to go, all in ultimate comfort. Every inch of this rugged van has been designed to maximize usability, versatility, and durability.

Whether you are a solo traveler looking to catch a sunset in the mountains or a couple traversing the countryside with your dog, the 2021 Pikes Peak is your new home away from home.

Check out the exciting features of our newest build and get ready to plan your next big adventure!

The Primary Features

The 2021 Pikes Peak is not your average adventure van. We have carefully tested and iterated on each component of the vehicle’s design to ensure an unsurpassable camper van.

As we designed the Pikes Peak, we had a few goals in mind:

  • Provide comfort from anywhere
  • Make the van perfect for off-grid use
  • Ensure enough room for recreational gear

With these goals in mind, we landed on the following primary features of the build.

The DayDreamer Multi-function Bed

Nothing is better than a good night of sleep. In fact, the reason why so many people wind up investing in a camper van rather than tent camping is their need for a good night’s sleep to fuel them for the next day of adventuring.

For this reason, no quality camper van would be complete without a cozy place to relax after a long day of exploration. 

However, while we recognize the importance of having a comfortable bed, we also firmly believe that a bed can do more than simply offer a place to sleep. Our DayDreamer multi-function bed converts from sleep to eat to work in just a matter of seconds.

The design is easy to lift and takes up little cargo space when stored.

The end result is that you get the best of both worlds: a cozy place to relax when the sun goes down along with ample space for dining and working during the day.

The “O.G.” Off-Grid Power System

The Pikes Peak can take you off-grid to places away from other campers.  You’ll no longer be stuck camping at RV resorts and crowded campgrounds. The goal of a camper van is to get away from the hustle and bustle to somewhere off the grid… isn’t it?

At Antero, we believe that having the ability to spend time off-grid recharges our internal batteries, but we don’t believe that means you have to go without power.

We designed the quintessential off-grid power package boasting 210 amp hours of Lithium-Ion battery storage, 180 watts of rooftop solar, a 2000 watt inverter, and outlets everywhere you need them.

Our off-grid solar system allows you to stay for days wherever the road or trail takes you. Escape the crowds while still recharging your GoPro.

A Smart Floor System

One of the best parts about the Pikes Peak is that you can customize your seating and accessories any way you want. Our smart floor system features full-length L-track insets that let you reconfigure your accessories and space.

Move around extra seats, roll in your mountain bike, tie-down gear, and create the perfect space for your style of adventure.

All the Bells and Whistles

Beyond just the basics, we also added in all the bells and whistles to make the Pikes Peak truly stand out. With the purchase of this Class B, you’ll enjoy all of the following extras:

  • Bug screens and privacy screens: While you enjoy nature, you don’t want to sleep with nature inside your van. Our bug screens are designed to keep pests out. Additionally, privacy screens make it easy to camp stealth anywhere.
  • Side steps and rear bumper step: Hop in and out of the van with ease on our handy built-in steps.
  • On-board air compressor: Whether you want to pump up your bike tires or fill an inner tube for a river float, the Pikes Peak features an onboard air compressor for added convenience.
  • Roof rack system: Got extra gear? We’ve got you covered with our durable roof rack system.
  • Powered awning: Don’t waste a moment when you arrive at camp. The Pikes Peak’s powered awning is easy to set up, allowing you to enjoy your time at camp the moment you put the vehicle in park.
  • Food and cookware storage: Bring along the pots, pans, and wine glasses with our convenient food and cookware storage.
  • Roof vent: Airflow is key to creating a comfortable living space. Our roof vent will help keep the van cooler on hot days and will prevent the space from becoming stuffy.
  • Pivoting driver and passenger seats: Convenient pivoting seats make it easy to turn the driving space into a living space.
  • Vented side windows: In addition to the roof vent, the vented side windows help to keep air moving through the van, leading to a more comfortable space.
  • Stand-alone Bluetooth audio system: Crank up your favorite tunes or listen to a relaxing audiobook with the stand-alone Bluetooth audio system.
  • Fuel-fired coach heater: Don’t let cold weather or the frigid mountain air keep you away from your next adventure. The Pikes Peak is equipped with a fuel-fired coach heater complete with an automatic altitude adjustment.
  • Full kitchen setup: Cooking in camp has never been easier. The Pikes Peak is equipped with a full kitchen set up including a 4.6 cubic feet refrigerator, a microwave, an induction cooktop, and a bar sink.

Your Next Adventure is Calling

At Antero, we are excited to present the latest addition to our adventure van fleet. The 2021 Pikes Peak is a perfect camper van for any adventure. Whether you plan to hit the highway and road trip across the country or head to the woods to explore new trails, this van will offer you all the comforts of home with a well-designed compact space.

Your next adventure is calling. Get ready to answer with the 2021 Pikes Peak.

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