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Best Outdoor Shower Solutions for Camping

Add refreshing gear to your off-the-grid adventures with our top picks for camping shower solutions.

Jun 21, 2021 | Gear

Spending time off-grid and out in nature is a renewing experience. After a long day out in the great outdoors, nothing feels better than a shower before relaxing by the campfire with dinner and heading to bed.

Our latest 2022 models of the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak vans include a 2.5 gallon Bosch hot water tank that feeds both interior and exterior faucets, and the exterior faucet includes a rinse-ready fixture.

If you have a van without a shower or enjoy camping without an RV, you can still take a refreshing shower any time you want. Today, we’ll take a look at the best portable outdoor shower solutions for camping, including a few of our top picks.

Choosing the Style of Water Flow

When it comes to an outdoor shower system, there are numerous styles available. One of the first considerations will be what powers the water flow of the shower system. Each of the following makes good choices for camper van setups as they do not require specialized plumbing or large amounts of heavy equipment:

  • Gravity: Gravity-fed showers have long been a tried and true option for off-grid campers. These showers are hung up high, on a pole or tree, and use gravity to create water flow. A gravity-fed shower is one of the most simple and economical options on the market. However, it is important to note that since the water flow uses gravity, the water pressure is fairly low.
  • Hand / Foot Pump: Another option for a compact shower solution is a system that uses a foot or hand pump to create water flow. Hand and foot pumps cost a little more than gravity-fed options but are still on the more economical side of the scale. For their higher price point, a hand or foot pump-powered shower will offer stronger water pressure than a gravity-fed option.
  • Electric: For those who want a strong water flow, similar to what you’d experience at home, an electric-powered shower system is a good choice. In most cases, you simply place the hose end of the shower in water, and the water is drawn through the hose out of a showerhead using an electric pump. Electric systems tend to be a little more expensive than their gravity and manual counterparts.

Choosing the Heating Power

In addition to choosing how your shower’s water flow is powered, you will need to pick how the water itself is heated.

  • Solar: One of the most practical and easy methods for heating water is using the energy of the sun. Solar showers are simple in their design. You fill a bag with water, lay it out in the sun for a few hours, and the bag draws in the natural heat of the sun. Solar showers are economical and take up very little space as they do not require any equipment outside of the shower bag itself.
  • Gas: Another effective method for heating a portable shower is using propane gas. Since most camping stoves and lanterns already use propane, it’s an easy way to upgrade the heat of your shower. The benefit of gas over solar is that your water will heat up faster and often to a hotter temperature.
  • Electricity: Another option for powering a camping shower is to use electricity. In some cases, these feature a rechargeable battery, which is a good option for spending time off-grid. Electricity is one of the most effective methods for creating a shower as hot as the one you have at home, but these showers usually require more space for equipment than solar options.

Top Shower Solution Picks

Whether you are searching for simple and compact or for strong water pressure, there are countless options on the market.

The following are a few of our top picks for showering in the woods:

  • Coleman Solar Shower: The Coleman Solar Shower is a simple and compact solution. This economical shower uses gravity to create water flow and solar to heat your water. This is a great entry-level choice and will take up the least amount of space.
  • MOMOHOO Camping Shower: This portable shower features a foot pump, which pressurizes the water tank to provide you with a long powerful spray. Additionally, due to the design of this shower, you do not need to hang the shower bag, making it a great fit for camping in areas without trees or poles.
  • Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower: For those who want a more powerful water spray, the Ivation portable outdoor shower is a great choice. This shower is a battery-powered, compact handheld, rechargeable showerhead. The showerhead simply pumps water from a bucket or other container into a steady, gentle shower stream.
  • Mr. Heater Basecamp Battery: Operated Shower System: For those who need a more robust solution, Mr. Heater’s Basecamp battery-operated shower system is an excellent choice. This shower uses batteries to power the water flow and propane gas to heat the water. The end result is a shower almost as good as your home.

In addition to choosing the right shower solution, it can also be worth investing in a portable shower tent. WolfWise offers an excellent pop-up style shower tent, which can also double as a place for a campsite privy. This tent is equipped with a special flap for a showerhead to be slid through. Additionally, the tent has been designed with polyester fabric that blocks 60% harmful UV rays.

Find Your Next Outdoor Adventure

For those who enjoy spending time away from the hustle and bustle, a camper van is an excellent choice. At Antero Adventure Motors, we have designed the perfect camper vans for outdoor enthusiasts. Both our Longs Peak and Pikes Peak vans offer ultimate comfort paired with outstanding maneuverability, and the 2022 models include hot water for easy shower access.

Our camper vans are equipped with all the essentials and even some extras. Enjoy the multi-function bed, off-grid power system, upgraded off-road wheels and tires, bug screens, roof vents, power awning, and more!

If you’re ready to grab a portable shower and head for a remote corner of the world, find a dealer near you and drive away with the perfect camper van for any adventure.

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A person doing yoga on the top of an Antero Adventure Van The bedding of an Antero Adventure Van An Antero Adventure Van driving on a dirt road with a beach in the background A person sitting on a bed in the back of an Antero Adventure Van An Antero Adventure Van from a high vantage point overlooking a red rock canyon