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Gear We Love: Products to Help Make Your Adventures Even Better

Update your next campervan outing with our top seven best camping gear accessories for all your adventures.

Jun 07, 2021 | Gear

You woke up with a smile because today you’re heading out to the woods for the next big adventure!

Whether you are passionate about hiking 14ers on foot or exploring high-country roads via your van, having the right gear on hand can help make your next outdoor adventure better than ever.

At Antero Adventure Motors, we have rounded up a few of our personal gear favorites from brands we know and love. Check out these top picks and consider adding a few items to your adventure gear collection.

Topo Designs - Rover Pack

Topo Designs is a brand with deep roots in mountain culture and outdoor exploration. Since 2008, the folks at Topo Designs have been hard at work crafting backpacks that feature classic styling, functionality, and durability.

Recently, Topo reimagined their iconic Rover Pack silhouette as seven distinct bags. These bags are all crafted with premium materials, making them a great pick for the busy adventurer. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, you can find the perfect Rover Pack for whatever your next adventure brings.

Shop the Rover Collection by Topo Designs and pick up a new pack or two for hiking, camping, and even biking around town.

GoTreads - Traction Mats

If you are the type of person most likely to push the limits on 4x4 roads, then GoTreads foldable tire traction mats are a must-have addition to your gear.

These mats help you get out of mud, snow, or sand with ease. Their unique design makes the mats easy to store in small places and using them requires no extra tools, assembly, or particular talent.

With their compact, quality design and ability to get you out of the toughest road conditions, we place this high on our list of items to have for outdoor adventure.

Cotopaxi - Teca Collection Jackets

In the words of Cotopaxi, the Teca Collection “keeps fabric out of the landfill, puts thoughtful, limited-edition jackets in the hands of conscious adventurers like you.”

Not only are these jackets designed with the environment in mind, but their reversible and insulated Teca Cálido delivers lightweight and versatile heat.

Thanks to the materials they are made from, these jackets can be stored in compact spaces, making them a great pick for life in a camper van.

While you're shopping Cotopaxi’s Teca Collection, consider picking up a few other outdoor accessories. Cotopaxi’s entire brand is built on doing good and giving back to those in need while delivering premium quality outdoor gear and products.

Otterbox - Backpack Cooler

Your camper van might already be equipped with a fridge that keeps you amply stocked with food and beverages, but sometimes your day takes you to a remote mountain lake or a hike down the beach.

For those days, you need a cooler that can keep your essentials cold but is easy to carry. Otterbox delivers with its new line of outdoor adventure gear.

Their personal cooler with a backpack carrier is compact and lightweight. When it’s not in use, you can easily stow it away, without taking up the space of a traditional hard-sided cooler.

The comfortable backpack carrier features a sleek design and innovative insulation with ample room for up to 12 cans.

To match your new cooler/backpack, consider adding a few of Otterbox’s drinkware tumblers to your collection. Pick from tumblers designed for hot coffee and tea, insulated growlers for your favorite craft beer, and tumblers specifically made to hold your favorite wine.

Lenz - Mountain Bikes

What could make your next adventure more exciting than exploring new trails on a mountain bike? Lenz Sport Mountain Bikes are made in the USA and feature superior grade aluminum. Each bike frame is carefully designed to maximize strength and durability while still being the lightest in their class.

Additionally, the exclusive Lenz geometry of these bikes’ frames offers incredible comfort when riding on any terrain. With a variety of sizes and styles available, there is something to meet any novice or expert biker’s needs.

What are you waiting for? The trails await!

Badfish - Paddleboards

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a day spent paddling across a calm lake, or as invigorating as testing your strength on the white waters of raging rivers.

Badfish is dedicated to designing the most innovative standup paddleboards in the world ideal for any water condition. They have created a line of all-around paddleboards, specialized whitewater paddleboards, and even inflatable paddleboards, which make an excellent fit for saving on space in your van.

Adding a SUP to your gear collection will only widen the horizon of possibilities for your next adventure.

NoCo Gear - Climbing Gear and Accessories

For the climbing enthusiast, there can never be enough cams, carabiners, and rappel equipment on hand. If you’re looking to expand your climbing gear and accessories collection, look no further than NoCo Gear. NoCo Gear made our list due to its unique commitment to sell quality equipment at discounted prices.

Before you head out for the next adventure, stock up on everything you need to keep your climbing adventures safe and fun this year.

Find Your Next Adventure

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With intuitive floor plans optimized to use space efficiently, these vans offer ample room for storing your favorite outdoor gear while providing you with comfort after a long day of exploration. Whether you plan to spend your summer weekends in nature, or you are looking at a lifetime on the road, check out our adventure vans and find the perfect fit for your journey.

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A person doing yoga on the top of an Antero Adventure Van The bedding of an Antero Adventure Van An Antero Adventure Van driving on a dirt road with a beach in the background A person sitting on a bed in the back of an Antero Adventure Van An Antero Adventure Van from a high vantage point overlooking a red rock canyon