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Camper Van Enthusiasts Events: Annual Meetups & Events Across the Country

Connect with other camper van adventurers at these awesome annual events.

May 24, 2021 | Travel

With the rise in popularity of camper vans, many annual meet-ups and events catering to camper van lovers are popping up across the country.

These events focus on community and adventure, promoting the connection of travelers from around the globe. Additionally, many camper van events feature live music, outdoor activities, potlucks, dancing, outdoor recreation, classes, and more.

For the camper van enthusiast, the following are all must-attend annual meetups and events geared toward this lifestyle.

Descend on Bend

Bend, Oregon, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and has been a camper van favorite for many years.

Rising out of this popularity is Descend on Bend, an annual camper van meetup featuring outdoor activities, music, and socialization events.

Descend on Bend takes place in the Oregon Outback near the famed Hole in the Ground vista and the town of La Pine. The event begins on a Friday night with a community potluck and continues for four days.

While traditionally a van life event, Descend on Bend is open to any traveler, with many rigs attending the event, including skoolies, RVs, tent campers, truck campers, and everything in between.

From sunrise yoga to late-night dancing, Descend on Bend is a celebration of van life and the great outdoors.

Descend on Bend does require registration and space is limited. Additionally, this is a pack-in, pack-out event.

Asheville Van-Life Rally

Taking place in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina only 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, the Asheville Van-Life Rally is a celebration of the van life community and culture.

A four-day event, the Annual Asheville Van Life Rally, includes live music, craft beer, food trucks, vendors, workshops, community dinners, and more. Additionally, from the festival grounds, attendees can access hiking and biking trails, included with admission.

Camper vans, skoolies, trucks, cars, and overlanding vehicles of all types are welcome. Registration is required, as are off-grid capabilities.

Van Fest Utah

Taking place annually in Southern Utah, Van Fest USA is an event geared toward the nomadic at heart. From van touring to live music, the goal of Van Fest Utah is to gather together van life enthusiasts for a full day of fun and community.

Camping is available at the event and dogs are welcome on leash. Builds that are showcased at the event include camper vans, skoolies, tiny homes, and other custom nomadic vehicles.


TinyFest events currently take place in multiple locations each year. The goal of TinyFest is to connect tiny home enthusiasts while expanding knowledge and sparking new ideas.

TinyFest encompasses a wide array of attendees. From camper vans to DIY shipping container conversions, there are tiny home styles of every kind at this event.

TinyFest events include live music, food, beer, and a Simple Living Marketplace. These events are the perfect way to tour other people’s buses, vans, and tiny homes, all while connecting with fellow travelers.

These organized events also include daily speakers and workshops, geared toward improving knowledge around tiny home living.

The event does require tickets, and camping options will depend on which TinyFest event you attend.


Taking place in Ehrenberg, Arizona, located along I-10 near the Arizona California border, Skooliepalooza is an organic meetup that originated in 2017.

While Skooliepalooza began with a focus on skoolie busses that had been converted into campers, it now encompasses camping enthusiasts of all kinds.

Camping takes place on BLM land, which means it is free and space is ample. Visitors should plan to pack-in and pack-out, and there are no amenities currently offered at the event.

From van dwellers to tent campers, Skooliepalooza is a meetup of like-minded individuals in the desert. Potlucks, hikes, and stargazing are just a few of the activities attendees will enjoy.

Less of an organized event and more of a free-spirited gathering of skoolie and camper van enthusiasts, this is an event that continues to grow and take on a new shape each year.

Tips for Attending a Van Life Meetup

Attending a camper van event is a great way to connect with fellow van enthusiasts while enjoying a new location. If you’re thinking of attending one of these fun-filled events, keep the following key tips in mind:

  1. Leave no trace. Be sure that you can pack out what you packed in, as most events do not include trash services. Always be mindful of the land and obey local camping regulations.
  2. Plan ahead. Many events require registration and the purchase of tickets. Often, these events sell out months in advance, so it is best to plan your trip at least 6 months prior.
  3. Consider volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to build a deeper connection with the van life community and often gets you discounts on camping or admission.
  4. Bring plenty of water and food. In many cases, van life events are located in remote areas with limited access to amenities. Additionally, most events involve community potlucks, so bring enough food to share.
  5. Be ready for fun and adventure. Camper van meetups are all about having fun, embracing adventure, and meeting new people. Go into the event with an open mind, ready to learn and make new memories and friends.
  6. Tack on to the trip! If you plan to travel across the country for a camper van event, consider additional sightseeing before and after the event. Many camper van meetups take place in stunning locations with ample camping nearby. Spend time exploring nearby areas.

Find the Perfect Rig for the Next Event

If the camper van lifestyle intrigues you, and you’re thinking of attending an upcoming meetup, get ready by picking out a new rig. At Antero Adventure Motors, we offer quality camper van builds, designed for the nomadic spirit.

Our vans are the best choice for an annual meetup or event with their off-grid capabilities and maximum usability, versatility, and durability.

Whether you choose our newest Pikes Peak van, built on a Ford Transit chassis, or our classic Longs Peak van, designed on a Mercedes Sprinter, our camper vans allow you to attend a camper van meetup in comfort and style.

Find a dealer near you to learn more about Antero vans.

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