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Some of the Best Yet-to-Be-Discovered Places in Colorado for Camper Van Camping

Don't spread the word too much on these hidden gems!

May 17, 2021 | Travel

It is no secret that Colorado is home to many of the most scenic camping options available in the country. The state’s majestic mountains, incredible access to an array of outdoor activities, and fresh, clean air make it a camper’s dream destination.

With so many people flocking to the state, it can be difficult to find a camping spot that still feels secluded and private. For the camper van enthusiast ready to get away from it all and enjoy all those stunning views, the following are some of the best yet-to-be-discovered places- perfect for camper van adventures.

Check out a few in the year ahead and discover which remote location is your new favorite secret getaway.

Gold Camp Road - Pikes National Forest

Pikes National Forest, located west of Colorado Springs, is a camper’s delight. Here, you will find an array of hiking and biking trails, fishing holes, and incredible vistas.

From Colorado Springs, take either 26th Street or Cheyenne Road to North Cheyenne Canyon Road until you reach Gold Camp Road.

Continue along this road until you find Clyde Campground or other scattered dispersed camping sites.

Camping in the area is permitted in many locations, but be sure to remain 300 feet from any trail or stream. Always pack out what you pack in, ensuring you leave no trace behind. Be mindful of fire bans! When fires are allowed, make sure to put out your fire completely before leaving.

Highlights of camping in this area include privacy and incredible views.

While you are in the area, take some time to explore the nearby historic tunnels. These tunnels once housed railways and, today, rumor has it that the tunnels are home to ghostly visitations. For the daring, nighttime hikes are a popular way to seek out an otherworldly encounter.

Red Feather Lakes - Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Near Red Feather Lakes, the Canyon Lakes Ranger District allows for ample dispersed camping options.

Rules in the area include staying 300 feet off the road without causing resource damage and camping at least 100 feet from the water. Additionally, campers should park their van away from trailheads, picnic areas, and day-use-only parking lots. Camping in the area is allowed for a maximum of 14 days at a single site.

For those who enjoy mountain lakes, camping here should include a visit to Twin, Laramie, and Lost Lakes along the Green Ridge Road.

Located in the northern portion of the state, this free camper van option is still relatively unknown and allows you to get away into the heart of nature. Highlights of the area include privacy, numerous water features, and beautiful hiking.

Pawnee National Grasslands

Colorado may be known for the Rocky Mountains, but the state offers so much more than just mountain peaks.

To get away from it all, camper van enthusiasts would be remiss to not plan a visit to the Pawnee National Grasslands.

Located 35 miles east of Fort Collins, Colorado, the grasslands include over 190,000 acres of natural prairie.

Dispersed camping is free and the area includes beautiful hikes, incredible amounts of wildlife, and the opportunity to see the night sky like never before.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and food as the destination is remote and amenities are scarce. Highlights of the area include private camping, open vistas, and stunning prairie buttes that can rise 300 feet above the prairie.

Sacred White Shell Mountain

In the southern portion of the state lie the famed Great Sand Dunes National Park. Here, visitors are awestruck by the massive sand dunes surrounded by jagged mountain peaks. Hiking is abundant, with popular destinations such as Zapata Falls.

For those camping in an adventure van, nearby BLM land allows for a free camping option without the national park’s crowds.

The Sacred White Shell Mountain is a relatively unknown destination where camper vans of almost any size can venture. Here, campers will be greeted with crystal clear night skies, access to the nearby hiking and recreation, and the perfect quiet of the open land. Additionally, the views of the mountain peaks are breathtaking from the camping area, making this a great place to kick back and relax for a few nights.

Buffalo Pass - Routt National Forest

Located near the popular tourist destination of Steamboat Springs, Buffalo Pass in the Routt National Forest provides visitors with a chance to get away from the crowds.

The 15 miles of scenic dirt roads cross an array of beautiful habitats, showcasing the very best of the Rocky Mountains. From sagebrush to lodgepole pine, campers can expect to witness the beauty of untouched nature. Elevation ranges from 6,700 feet in Steamboat Springs to 10,400 feet at Summit Lake Campground.

This area allows for free dispersed camping, with all the normal rules and regulations you’d expect. Leave no trace behind, put out your fires, and be aware of the fact that you are staying in bear country!

Highlights of camping in the area include incredible access to hiking, including multiple alpine lakes. Additionally, campers can enjoy horseback riding and motorized vehicle trails.

Located in the high country of northwestern Colorado, this area has yet to become a hotspot for tourists, making it a great pick for the camper van enthusiast who wants to spend time in the quiet of nature.

Discover New Places in Colorado

With the increase in popularity of outdoor enthusiasts, finding a place to take your camper van in Colorado that doesn’t have crowds of people can feel akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

However, there are still many hidden gems in this state, located off the beaten path where campers can enjoy total seclusion and peace.

If you’re on the hunt for those yet-to-be-discovered places the state has to offer, start by picking out the perfect rig to take you down the less-traveled road.

At Antero Adventure Motors, we love finding lesser-known spots, which is why we designed our lineup of camper vans for off-grid lifestyles. Both our Longs Peak and Pikes Peak camper van are designed for the ultimate adventure. With maximum usability, versatility, and durability, our vans will allow you to travel down the remote road to find true privacy in nature.

Whether you head out to the eastern plains to enjoy the sound of the meadowlark greeting the sunrise, or you climb to the highest elevations of the Routt National Forest to watch a brilliant sunset, our vans are ready to take you on your next Colorado excursion.

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